Saturday, July 3, 2010

Free Plants and Flower seeds!!


This is a worthy giveaway by "freeplant" organization.

This is one of the best things i ever heard. Now you can get free plants all u have to do is select your choice of plant and order it for free.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

GreenZoner: Win Sony Playstation 3 and many Prizes


GreenZoner is an innovative international Eco-oriented project. By participating in the current project, you will be able to receive prizes!

Launching projects requires help from a large group of active Internet users scattered around the world. Therefore, the first task that will bring you closer to the prizes is building the GreenZoner community. Every time you invite new users, you receive EEP, which bring you closer to the prizes!

The sooner you start collecting points, the sooner you will be able to collect the gifts!

In GreenZoner, it is not only the prizes that matter, but also what you do. Every prize won equals one tree planted by GreenZoner. So the pleasure of participating in an important international project and winning prizes is complemented with the satisfaction of making the world greener.

so just give me your E-Mail Id's for invitation in the comments section!!!

Get a Free Copy of Globetrotting Magazine on Simple Registration at

Hi all,

Wanna visit the beautiful places of the world?

Then just checkout Globetrotting Magazine from is giving a free copy of Globetrotting Magazine on simple registration.  Globetrotting Magazine, as the name suggests is the magazine which provides the wide knowledge and information about all the places of world. is giving a free copy of Globetrotting Magazine on simple registration. For free subscription of Globetrotting Magazine, you just need to enter your personal details such as your Name, Agency name, City, State, Country, Postal code, Email and Phone. You also need to tell that How did you hear about Globetrotting Magazine.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pepsi Youngistaan Football Fever Contest !!!


Here's a great chance for all of you to win FREE football merchendise along with FREE unlimited downloads for 1 month from PEPSI WoW music store...

Play and register urself at:-

Cheat Codes / Answers:-

1st -Lionell Messi
2nd -Diego Maradona
3rd -Antonella Roccuzzo
4th -Ricardo kaka
5th -Chelsea
6th -Jersey No. 14


1. -Last date for participation is 11th july, 2010, 5:00 pm.

2. -On 12th july, a mailer will be sent to all winners to confirm their contact number and address.

Free Updates!!!


If you are interested in getting Real-time Updates on NEWS, Sports, Jokes, QUIZ etc for free throughout your lifetime, then:-

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FREE CALL!! Dream come True...

Hi All,

This is my first post... And I am giving you the greatest Trick/Idea for calling free nationally...

Requirements:- Mobile with operamini or any browser, GPRS connection.

Here are the steps:-

1. Go to

2. Register yourself in this site

3. Link your mobile no. with ibibo.

4. Then go to

5. Login and enter your destination no.

6. After you click the call button; You will recieve a call from ibibo and they will automatically connect to your destination number.

(LIMITATION:- It disconnects after 2 minutes; But you can Redial)

If u face any problems; Please feel free to ask me!!!